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Lizard Thicket Breakfast Hours, Menu & Prices

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The Lizard Thicket breakfast hours menu is considered the most important meal of the day for fans of the Lizard Thicket, offering a quick and satisfying bite.

This breakfast menu caters to all age groups and is prepared using organic ingredients, ensuring a wholesome experience.

What makes it even more appealing is its reasonable pricing and the relaxed environment, which has garnered a strong following among food enthusiasts.

Items like burgers, eggs, fish and potatoes, bacon, and pancakes are particularly beloved by breakfast lovers.

In this article, we will dive into Lizard Thicket breakfast hours, menu offerings, prices, holiday hours, and daily specials. So, read on and put your worries about dining at Lizard Thicket to rest.

Lizard Thicket Breakfast Hours

Lizard Thicket breakfast hours run from 6:00 AM to 11:30 AM, seven days a week.

Lizard Thicket’s opening time remains consistent, but closing times may vary depending on the location.

Within this time frame, you can enjoy a wide array of delicious breakfast options, including omelets, French toast, eggs, and a variety of pancakes.

DayBreakfast Opening TimeBreakfast Closing Time
Monday6:00 am11:30 am
Tuesday6:00 am11:30 am
Wednesday6:00 am11:30 am
Thursday6:00 am11:30 am
Friday6:00 am11:30 am
Saturday6:00 am11:30 am
Sunday6:00 am11:30 am

What Time Does Lizard Thicket Start Serving Breakfast?

Lizard Thicket begins serving breakfast at 6:00 AM every day of the week, maintaining this consistent schedule from Monday to Sunday.

You’ll find a delightful array of food varieties that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

What Time Does Lizard Thicket Stop Serving Breakfast?

Lizard Thicket closes its breakfast service every day, including weekends, at 11:30 AM. After this time, they transition to offering items from their lunch menu.

Do Lizard Thicket Serve Breakfast All Day?

Breakfast is served at Lizard Thicket between 6:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. This gives you a generous 5 to 6-hour window to enjoy your breakfast.

There are a variety of locations operated by Lizard Thicket, and some have different operating hours. To be sure, it’s recommended that you confirm the hours of the Lizard Thicket location nearest to you by visiting or contacting them directly.

Does Lizard Thicket Serve Breakfast During Holidays?

Lizard Thicket breakfast hours are typically open on most of the holidays, with the exception of Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. However, it’s worth noting that there may be variations in hours for holidays like New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Labor Day at certain locations.

To get accurate information about holiday hours, you can contact Lizard Thicket’s customer support team for assistance.

Lizard Thicket Breakfast Menu

Lizard Thicket breakfast menu 2023

A wide variety of food items and beverages are available on the Lizard Thicket breakfast menu. You can enjoy delicious omelets, biscuits, chicken fried steak, cereal, breakfast sandwiches, as well as a selection of beverages and juices. Visit Days Inn morning meal times for more similar menu items.

Authentic Southern Specialties

Southern Fried Catfish$10.99Enjoy our Domestic Farm Raised Catfish fillets, lightly breaded with a blend of cornmeal, salt, and pepper, then fried to a perfect golden brown.
Breakfast Sampler$11.99You can choose between a sausage patty or two sausage links along with a half slice of country ham and two crispy bacon strips.
Steak and Eggs$19.99Indulge in the All American classic with a USDA Choice rib eye steak, expertly cooked to your desired perfection.
Chicken Fried Steak$9.49Savor a Southern favorite, featuring tender chicken fried steak generously smothered in our delectable country-style gravy.
Corned Beef Hash$9.99Try our slightly Northern delight—a generous serving of grilled corned beef hash that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds.
Country Ham & Eggs$11.49Experience a Southern staple with center-sliced North Carolina hickory smoked country ham, complemented by our rich and flavorful red-eye gravy.
Country Liver Pudding$8.99Delight in a taste of the Low Country with our special blend of pork trimmings, seasoned with black pepper, sage, and rice.
Homemade Onion Sausage$8.99Savor the true taste of Lexington County with locally made pork sausage infused with the delightful flavor of onions.

Hearty Country Breakfast

2 Eggs$5.99A classic breakfast choice, two eggs cooked to your liking.
Baked Ham (Cure 81®)$9.49Our signature Cure 81® baked ham, a savory delight.
Smoked Sausage$9.49Flavorful smoked sausage, a hearty breakfast option.
Thick-Sliced Bacon$8.99Thick-cut, mouthwatering bacon slices.
Chicken Sausage$9.49Delicious chicken sausage for a lighter option.
Fried Bologna$9.49Crispy fried bologna, a nostalgic favorite.
Fried Flounder$9.49Golden-fried flounder, a seafood lover’s delight.
Hamburger Patty$9.49Juicy hamburger patty, perfect for a hearty breakfast.
Pork Chop (Fried or Grilled)$9.49Your choice of fried or grilled pork chop.
Salmon Patty$9.49A flavorful salmon patty, a unique breakfast treat.
Sausage Links$8.99Savory sausage links, a classic breakfast accompaniment.
Sausage Patties$8.99Delicious sausage patties, packed with flavor.


Bacon & Egg Biscuit$3.49Biscuit with bacon and eggs.
Bacon Biscuit$2.59Biscuit with crispy bacon.
Biscuit & Jelly$1.59Biscuit served with jelly.
Chicken Biscuit$2.79Biscuit with tender chicken.
Egg Biscuit$2.39Biscuit with eggs.
Grilled Biscuit$1.89Biscuit that’s grilled to perfection.
Ham Biscuit$2.79Biscuit with ham.
Sausage & Egg Biscuit$3.49Biscuit with sausage and eggs.
Sausage Biscuit$2.79Biscuit with savory sausage.
Country Ham Biscuit$3.29Biscuit with country ham.
Smoked Sausage Biscuit$2.79Biscuit with smoked sausage.
Steak Biscuit$2.79Biscuit with steak.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon & Egg on Texas Toast$5.79A classic combination of bacon and eggs served on toasted Texas toast.
Bologna & Egg Sandwich$7.49A hearty sandwich featuring bologna and eggs, perfect for a satisfying meal.
Carolina Wrap$2.79A wrap made with white bread, yellow mustard, and your choice of onion sausage or smoked sausage.
Country Ham Sandwich$7.49A delicious sandwich filled with country ham, a Southern favorite.
Egg Sandwich on Texas Toast$2.39A simple and tasty sandwich with eggs served on toasted Texas toast.
Grilled Cheese$3.49Classic comfort food, a grilled cheese sandwich with a perfect melt.
Ham & Egg Sandwich$7.49A satisfying sandwich featuring ham and eggs, a delightful combination.
Sausage & Egg Sandwich$5.79A sandwich with the delicious pairing of sausage and eggs.
BLT on Texas Toast$6.99A classic BLT sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and tomato, served on Texas toast.

Small Plates for All Ages

Pancake$2.49A fluffy and delicious pancake.
Smoked Sausage$5.79Flavorful smoked sausage.
Bacon Strips (2)$5.79Two crispy bacon strips.
Baked Ham$5.99Baked ham, a savory delight.
Chicken Sausage$5.79Delicious chicken sausage.
Onion Sausage$5.79Sausage infused with the delightful flavor of onions.
Sausage Links (2)$5.79Two savory sausage links.
Sausage Patty$5.79A flavorful sausage patty.

Side Orders

Sausage Links (4)$3.99Four savory sausage links.
Sausage Patties (2)$3.99Two flavorful sausage patties.
Thick Sliced Bacon (4)$3.99Four thick and crispy bacon slices.
Raisin Toast$1.79Toasted bread with raisins.
Slice of American Cheese$0.49A single slice of American cheese.
Rye Toast$1.79Toasted rye bread.
Toast$1.49Classic toasted bread.
Bowl of Grits$2.99A hearty bowl of grits.
Country Ham$5.99Delicious country ham.
Country Skillet Apples$2.49Skillet-cooked apples with a country flavor.
Extra Egg$1.09An additional egg.
Liver Pudding$4.99Tasty liver pudding.
Shredded Cheese$0.99Shredded American or Cheddar cheese.
Smoked Sausage$4.99Flavorful smoked sausage.
English Muffin$1.79A toasted English muffin.
Grilled Pound Cake$3.99Pound cake grilled to perfection.
Hash Browns$2.49Golden and crispy hash browns.
One Pancake$2.49A single fluffy pancake.
Sausage Gravy$3.49Delicious sausage gravy.
Side of Grits$2.49A side portion of hearty grits.
Sliced Tomatoes$2.49Sliced ripe tomatoes.
White Gravy$1.79Creamy white gravy.

Hot Off the Griddle

Chicken and Waffles$11.99A delectable combination of 4 chicken strips served alongside a large, golden-crisp waffle.
Belgian Waffle$6.99A classic Belgian waffle. You can add Country Skillet Apples for an additional $2.49.
Fluffy Homemade Pancakes$6.99Enjoy a fluffy stack of homemade pancakes. Available as a Short Stack (2) for $4.99.
French Toast$6.99Topped with powdered sugar and dipped in egg batter, Texas toast is grilled to perfection. Available as a Short Stack (2) for $4.99.
Griddle Special$11.49Two farm-fresh eggs cooked to order, along with two pancakes or French Toast and two meat choices (bacon, sausage, breakfast ham, smoked sausage, onion sausage, or flounder).


Western Omelette$10.99An omelette filled with ham, bell pepper, onion, and American cheese.
Carolina Omelette$10.99An omelette featuring ground beef, onions, and American cheese.
Plain Omelette$6.99A plain omelette that you can customize with your favorite ingredients:
$0.99– Fresh Spinach
$0.99– Fresh Mushrooms
$1.29– Salsa
$0.99– Cheese (American or Cheddar)
$2.29– Ground Beef
$1.49– Bacon
$0.99– Diced Bell Peppers
$0.99– Diced Onions
$0.99– Diced Tomatoes
$1.49– Ham
$1.49– Sausage

Southern Gravy Combinations

Creamed Chipped Beef on Texas Toast or Homemade Biscuits$7.99 Half Order: $5.49Creamed chipped beef served on your choice of Texas toast or homemade biscuits. Half order available at $5.49.
Homemade Biscuits and White Gravy$5.49 Half Order: $4.49Homemade biscuits served with white gravy. Half order available at $4.49.
Sausage Gravy on Texas Toast or Homemade Biscuits$7.99 Half Order: $5.49Sausage gravy served on your choice of Texas toast or homemade biscuits. Half order available at $5.49.


Cereals$3.49Assorted cereals.
Oatmeal$3.49Oatmeal served with your choice of raisins or banana. (Additional $0.79 for extra toppings.)


Lemonade$2.49Refreshing lemonade.
Soft Drinks$2.49Choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Orange.
Hot Tea$2.49Hot tea with 2 tea bags.
Hot Chocolate$2.49Delicious hot chocolate.
Locally Roasted Coffee$2.49Freshly brewed locally roasted coffee.
Milk – 12 oz Serving$2.49Choice of Whole or Chocolate milk in a 12 oz serving.
Milk – 20 oz Serving$2.99Choice of Whole or Chocolate milk in a 20 oz serving.
Southern Sweet Tea$2.49Sweetened iced tea, a Southern classic.
Unsweetened Decaffeinated Tea$2.49Decaffeinated unsweetened iced tea.


Florida Orange Juice12 oz: $2.49 20 oz: $3.99Freshly squeezed Florida orange juice.
Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice12 oz: $2.49 20 oz: $3.99Refreshing ruby red grapefruit juice.
Cranberry Juice Cocktail12 oz: $2.49 20 oz: $3.99A sweet and tangy cranberry juice cocktail.
Apple Juice12 oz: $2.49 20 oz: $3.99Crisp and delicious apple juice.
Tomato Juice12 oz: $2.49 20 oz: $3.99Classic tomato juice, great for breakfast or anytime.

Lizard’s Thicket Daily Specials

MondayChicken and Dumplings
TuesdayFried Chicken Livers
WednesdayMeat Loaf
ThursdayLiver & Onions
FridayPulled BBQ Pork
SaturdayBBQ Chicken
SundayRoast Turkey or Southern Style Pot Roast ($14.99)

How to Find the Lizard Thicket Near Me?

To find Nearby Lizard Thicket breakfast hours restaurant you can follow these steps.

  • Open your preferred search engine (like Google).
  • In the search bar, type “Lizard Thicket Near Me” and hit Enter.
  • You’ll see a list of Lizard Thicket locations near your current location.
  • Click on the location that seems closest to you.
  • It will typically show you a map with the restaurant’s exact address.
  • You can also click on “Directions” to get step-by-step instructions on how to reach the chosen Lizard Thicket restaurant.
  • Follow the directions to visit the Lizard Thicket restaurant of your choice.

About Lizard Thicket

Lizard’s Thicket began in 1977 when Bob and Anna Williams opened the very first restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina. Since its humble beginnings, Lizard’s Thicket has grown and evolved into a beloved Southern dining institution.

Today, Lizard’s Thicket boasts a total of 15 locations throughout the Midlands region of South Carolina, each one dedicated to serving up delicious Southern comfort food with a smile. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Lizard’s Thicket has become a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike, offering a taste of authentic Southern cuisine and hospitality.

One of the latest additions to the Lizard’s Thicket family is the Florence location, which continues the tradition of serving up mouthwatering Southern dishes in a comfortable and friendly setting. Whether you’re in the mood for classic Southern staples like fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, or flavorful omelets, Lizard’s Thicket is committed to providing a taste of Southern tradition and charm to all who walk through its doors. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion of its founders, Bob and Anna Williams, who set out on a journey to create a dining experience that captures the essence of Southern cuisine. Also, know early dining at Hy Vee with its prices.

Lizard Thicket Customer Support

Call on: (803) 799-5016 or (803) 796-7821

Mail Address: 1036 Market Street Columbia, SC 29201


Lizard Thicket breakfast hours offer a delightful start to the day. With a range of mouthwatering options, from classic Southern favorites to customizable omelets, it caters to diverse tastes. The consistency of opening at 6:00 AM throughout the week ensures that patrons can savor their breakfast for an extended period. 

Whether you’re an early riser or prefer a leisurely brunch, Lizard Thicket breakfast hours provide a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience for everyone. So, dive into a hearty breakfast at Lizard Thicket and kickstart your day with a delicious Southern twist.


Q. What time does Lizard Thicket start serving breakfast?

Lizard Thicket begins serving breakfast at 6:00 AM every day of the week.

Q. Does Lizard Thicket serve breakfast on weekends?

Yes, Lizard Thicket follows the same breakfast hours on weekends as on weekdays.

Q. Are there any special holiday hours for breakfast?

Holiday hours, such as New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Labor Day, may have slight variations at certain locations. It’s recommended to contact your nearest Lizard Thicket restaurant for specific holiday hours.

Q. Can I find daily specials on the breakfast menu?

Yes, Lizard Thicket may have daily breakfast specials that vary by day, such as Chicken and Dumplings on Mondays and Meat Loaf on Wednesdays.

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