Sonic breakfast hours menu 2023

Sonic Breakfast Hours : The Perfect Way to Kick start Your Morning

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Sonic was founded in 1953 and is one of the most famous fast-food chains in the United States. Sonic Breakfast Hours are very popular here, with burgers, sandwiches, milkshakes, toasters, and much more on the sonic menu.

Since its early days, the company has experienced substantial growth. With its popularity, the company now has more than 3000 outlets in over 40 cities across the globe. It has a wide variety of flavors and nutrients that make it a good choice for people who like healthy food.

Generally, in Sonic drive-in breakfast outlets, customers are able to drive up with their vehicles to get the drive-in experience. Other brands do not offer the drive-in fast-food service at their outlets.

No one can deny the importance of a nutritious breakfast. A healthy breakfast can make the rest of the day more pleasant, so you can pick out a Sonic breakfast menu from the nearest Sonic restaurant during the Sonic breakfast hours.

Sonic breakfast hours 2023

Days of Sonic Breakfast Hours

Breakfast is almost always served in the morning in the United States, and we eat breakfast most frequently in the morning. The Sonic restaurants serve breakfast starting at 6:00 AM every day of the week. It does not mean that the sonic serves breakfast all day. Sonic breakfast times vary according to the day of the week.

You often want to eat Sonic breakfast, but you won’t know what time Sonic Drive-In opens during the weekdays. Today, we’ll provide you with all Sonic breakfast hours table during the whole week.

Monday – Thursday6 AM – 11 PM
Friday6 AM – 12 AM
Saturday7 AM – 12 AM
Sunday8 AM – 10 PM

When Does Sonic Start Serving Breakfast?

During the whole week, Sonic breakfast hours opening and closing time are not the same on different outlets. On the official Sonic website, you can find out what time Sonic restaurants are open based on your location. Alternatively, you can call Sonic team directly to confirm the opening hours.

Usually Sonic serves breakfast all day except on Saturday and Sunday. It is important to note that the restaurant opens at 7am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday, but this can vary from location to location. In order to learn more about Sonic open hours, it is better to visit the official website of Sonic Drive-In.

When Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast?

In most cases Sonic stops serving breakfast when their sonic hours timing closes. Many Sonic stores are open throughout the day and until late at night. You may find that Sonic breakfast hours vary in different regions of the country but usually the timing remains the same all across the country.

In order to receive accurate information regarding Sonic closing hours, please contact the customer service department of the Sonic outlet you wish to visit. They can guide you better when you get breakfast from Sonic outlets in your area.

In general, it closes breakfast service between 11 PM and 12 AM in the United States of America. If you want to know more about their closing hours, check their website or send them a message.

How to Find Sonic Breakfast Hours Near Me (Sonic Near Me)?

  • Sonic Drive-In’s website lets you find locations on your computer or mobile device.
  • On the website top menu, click “Locations”
  • By clicking on the Sonic outlet map, you will be taken to a page with its locations.
  • Choose an outlet on the map based on your location and click on it.
  • You can view the outlet’s address, phone number and sonic breakfast hours.
  • You may now call Sonic representatives and ask all about the restaurant.

Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

Sonic breakfast hours usually begin early in the morning, but here in the USA you may be able to get Sonic breakfast menu items until afternoon. Sonic serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to midnight for obvious reasons.

Sonic Breakfast Menu with Prices

There are a lot of low fat and low calorie options at Sonic, so you will definitely enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast. You and your family or friends can enjoy Sonic’s wide range of dishes in addition to breakfast.

In Sonic Drive-In, you can choose from a variety of drinks, beverages and American-style foods, such as Cinnabon Cinnasnacks, Ultimate meat, French toast sticks, Cheese burritos and Breakfast toasters that are favorites among Americans.

The breakfast meal will be served in bowls, specials and combos with various nutrient-dense dishes on sonic breakfast hours. 

The supersonic breakfast burrito and sonic breakfast burrito are the most commonly offered items, consisting of sausage, scrambled eggs, melted cheddar cheese and crispy bacon. The Brioche breakfast sandwich is another option that includes eggs and cheese. You can also visit Bill Miller breakfast menu for similar menu items.

List of Sonic breakfast hours menu with Price.

Sonic breakfast menu with prices 2023
Sonic Breakfast Hours Menu ItemPrice
Breakfast Burrito$2.59
Breakfast Burrito – Combo$4.59
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito$3.89
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito – Combo$5.99
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito$3.89
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito – Combo$5.99
Sonic Breakfast TOASTER$2.89
Sonic Breakfast TOASTER – Combo$4.89
French Toast Sticks with Syrup4 Pc.$2.49
French Toast Sticks with Syrup + Drink4 Pc.$3.49
Cinnasnacks3 Pc.$2.89
Cinnasnacks – Combo3 Pc.$4.99
Cinnasnacks5 Pc.$3.99
Cinnasnacks – Combo5 Pc.$4.99
Signature Limeades$1.69
Famous Slushes$1.19
Candy Slushes$1.69
Real Fruit Slushes$2.19
Soft Drink$1.19
Sonic Splash$1.19
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail$1.99
Sonic Wave Bottled Water$1.49
Premium Roast Coffee$1.49
Sonic Energy Drink$1.99

Sonic Most Famous Breakfast Foods

During sonic breakfast menu hours, you may get the below-mentioned food.

French Toast Sticks : A popular breakfast item at Sonic Drive-In is French Toast Sticks, which are fried slices of bread dipped in syrup and battered. 

Breakfast Toaster : Sonic Breakfast toaster consists of a toasted bun filled with eggs, cheese, and meat (such as bacon or sausage) to create a savory and satisfying breakfast sandwich.

Ultimate Meat & cheese burrito:The Ultimate Meat & Cheese Burrito is a breakfast item that consists of a flour tortilla filled with a combination of fluffy eggs, cheese, and your choice of meat, such as crispy bacon or sausage, to make this breakfast item.

Sonic Breakfast Bowl: The Sonic Breakfast Bowl is a delightful morning treat that guarantees a great start to your day. This delicious dish is a harmonious blend of hearty flavors that will satisfy your taste buds. Imagine fluffy scrambled eggs, savory melted cheese, and crispy tater tots, all perfectly combined with zesty, smoky bacon. To add a fresh and healthy touch, it’s topped with vibrant, diced tomatoes and crisp, refreshing green onions.

After the burrito has been wrapped and heated, it is then guaranteed that all the ingredients have melted together to create a delicious breakfast.

Sonic Hours

During Sonic hours of operation, you can order your breakfast and other dishes after selecting a menu from the menu screen. After checking the time on the outlet locator, you may go to the closest Sonic branch between 6 am. and 12 am.

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday06:00 AM00:00 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM00:00 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM00:00 AM
Thursday06:00 AM00:00 AM
Friday06:00 AM00:00 AM
Saturday06:00 AM00:00 AM
Sunday06:00 AM00:00 AM

What Time does Sonic Open?

Sonic restaurants typically open at 6 am, although opening times may vary in different states. You should check Sonic’s website to confirm the exact opening time for the location you intend to visit.

What Time does Sonic Close?

On Sundays, it closes at 10 p.m. and on other days, it closes at 11 p.m. or 12 p.m.

Sonic Favorite Items Calories Chart

Sonic breakfast nutrition information is available on their website or you may know about Sonic Breakfast calories at your local franchise. Various items have different amounts of calories, and some of the most popular items are listed below. If you are interested in calorie conscious food items then you may visit Dairy Queen breakfast menu.

Food ItemCalories
French Toast Sticks with Syrup calories460 – 550
Cinnasnacks Combo calories400 – 550
Breakfast Toaster-Combo calories500 – 600
Sonic Breakfast Burrito calories420 – 500
Ultimate meat and cheese breakfast burrito calories840
Brioche breakfast sandwich calories480 – 660
Sonic sausage breakfast burrito calories500
Sonic breakfast toaster calories670
Sonic bacon breakfast burrito calories480


Breakfast makes your day better in the morning. You might not know what your local restaurant’s breakfast hours are? Sonic Drive-In serves an all-day breakfast menu that includes BBQ burritos, a breakfast toaster, French toast sticks and more.

No matter whether you’re in a hurry or simply seeking a tasty breakfast option for the start of your day, Sonic Drive-In is the place to go. Regardless of what your taste may be, you will find it here during sonic breakfast time. So, head over your nearest Sonic Drive-In today and kick off your morning in style!


Q. How many calories does a supersonic breakfast burrito contain?

A SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito’s calories can vary based on the ingredients it contains and the size of the portion. However, the average SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito can contain between 600 and 800 calories, depending on the particular ingredients used.

Q. What comes in Sonic breakfast toaster sandwich?

Breakfast toaster sandwich may include eggs, cheese, bacon , sausage, ham and vegetables such as tomatoes and onions, all served on a toasted bun.

Q. Does sonic sell breakfast all day?

Although most restaurants in the USA serve breakfast all day, logically it must be served in the morning. Fortunately, Sonic also serves breakfast between 6AM and midnight without Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Does Sonic have Bagel sandwich during Sonic breakfast hours?

You can buy a bagel sandwich at Sonic. It is very tasty and will satisfy you.

Q. What time does sonic stop serving breakfast?

On Sunday, breakfast is served until 8AM to 10PM. On other days, breakfast is mostly served from 6 AM to 11PM to 12AM.

Q. Do I need to grant access to my location to the Sonic application?

If you plan to order from the app, you will need to grant permission to the app to access your location. If you prefer to order from the phone, you may do so.

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