Popeyes Breakfast hours 2023

Popeyes Breakfast Hours, Menu and Prices Ultimate Guide

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Popeyes breakfast hours provide exceedingly affordable and health-conscious selections at their various outlet locations. Their breakfast offerings include shakes, juices, coffees, sandwiches, and breakfast wraps, providing a hearty start to your day.

Popeyes is renowned for both its budget-friendly prices and delectable breakfast options. This article aims to provide insights into Popeyes breakfast hours, menu pricing, holiday schedules, and other pertinent information. So, I recommend giving the whole article a read to get a complete picture of all the details.

Popeyes Breakfast Hours

Popeyes breakfast menu is available every day of the week, starting from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM in the early morning. This four-hour window extends to all Popeyes outlets. If you’d rather not spend your morning in the kitchen, you have the option to conveniently place an online order at your nearest Popeyes restaurant.

DayBreakfast Opening TimeBreakfast Closing Time
Monday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Tuesday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Wednesday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Thursday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Friday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Saturday06:00 AM10:30 AM
Sunday06:00 AM10:30 AM

What Time Does Popeyes Start Serving Breakfast?

Every day at 6:30 AM, Popeyes breakfast time is initiated. During this time, you can indulge in a wide-ranging breakfast menu featuring wholesome ingredients and rejuvenating beverages.

What Time Does Popeyes Stop Serving Breakfast?

The breakfast service at Popeyes continues until 10:30 AM. Beyond this timeframe, the breakfast menu transitions to the lunch menu. Therefore, if you tend to rise later and desire a healthful breakfast to energetically kickstart your day, it’s advisable to savor their breakfast offerings during the available hours.

Does Popeyes Serve breakfast all day?

Popeyes doesn’t provide breakfast throughout the entire day; rather, it’s available for a span of four hours. This designated timeframe for enjoying their breakfast offerings is from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Popeyes Breakfast Menu with Prices 2023

Popeyes breakfast hours menu comprises a diverse range of healthy options, including sandwiches, wraps, platters, biscuits, sides, Popeyes grits, and numerous other choices.

Popeyes breakfast menu 2023

Chicken Sandwiches

ItemPopeyes Breakfast Menu Prices
Popeyes Chicken (8 pcs.)$12.99
Chicken Meal (8 pcs.)$17.99
Chicken (12 pcs.)$18.99
Popeyes Chicken (16 pcs.)$22.29
Chicken Meal (16 pcs.)$37.99

Breakfast Wraps

Food ItemPrice
Loaded Chicken Wrap$1.99
Loaded Chicken Wrap – Popeyes Combo$4.99
Chicken Po’Boy$3.99
Chicken Po’Boy – Combo$6.49
Shrimp Po’Boy$4.19
Po’Boy – Combo$6.99

Drink Menu

Drink ItemPrice
Soft Drink$1.99
Soft Drink$2.29
Soft Drink$2.59
Iced Tea$2.99
Iced Tea$4.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch$2.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch$4.99

Popeyes Breakfast Specials

Popeyes breakfast specials menu encompasses limited-time offers and meal deals. Here, you can discover some top-rated choices from Popeyes breakfast specials.

Bonafide Breakfast : This breakfast features Popeyes’ signature Bonafide Chicken and buttermilk biscuits.

Boneless Wing Combo: This offer comprises six boneless wings, Popeyes blueberry biscuits, and a side dish.

Loaded Chicken Wrap: This consists of crispy chicken strips, a blend of cheeses, hash browns, and a flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs.

Chicken Waffle Tenders : For a limited duration, you can enjoy Popeyes chicken tenders with waffle batter, served alongside a honey maple dipping sauce.

Chicken Biscuit : The focus is on a crispy chicken filet that is served on a buttermilk biscuit.

Popeyes Deals and Breakfast Offers

Popeyes presents a range of enticing deals and breakfast options within their outlets. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive compilation of the available deals and offers.

Family Meal Deals : Popeyes family meal deal showcases a generous family feast, comprising 12 pieces of chicken, two large Popeyes sides, and six biscuits.

Wicked Chicken Combo : This offering highlights the Wicked Chicken Box, with a spicy chicken strip, a biscuit, and a side dish.

Chicken Sandwich Combo : The Chicken Sandwich Popeyes Combo features a classic chicken sandwich paired with a biscuit and another sandwich, completing a satisfying meal.

Boneless Wing Combo : It includes three boneless wings, biscuit and a side.

Popeyes Hours of the Operations

Popeyes begins its operational hours at 6:30 AM, marking the commencement of its breakfast service, and concludes its daily operations at 10:30 PM.

However, it’s important to note that opening and closing hours can vary, making it advisable to verify the exact timings through the official website or by inquiring at your nearby outlet.

Popeyes Holidays Hours

Popeyes remains operational on the following holidays, though there might be restricted hours during these occasions. It is recommended to verify the hours by visiting the official website.

New Year’s DayJan 1
Martin Luther King DayJan 18
Presidents’ DayFeb 15
Good FridayApril 2
EasterApril 4
Memorial DayMay 31
Independence DayJul 4
Labor DayMay 1
Columbus DayOct 11
Veterans DayNov 11
Day Before ThanksgivingNov 24
ThanksgivingNov 25
Black FridayNov 26
Christmas EveDec 24
Christmas DayDec 25
New Year’s EveDec 31

About Popeyes

Popeyes, founded by Al Copeland in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a well-known fast-food restaurant chain celebrated for its delectable and flavorful fried chicken, alongside an array of menu offerings inspired by Southern cuisine.

Over the years, Popeyes has gained a significant following for its unique blend of spices used in preparing their fried chicken, often referred to as “Louisiana-style” cooking.

Popeyes menu not only includes their iconic fried Popeyes chicken but also features other items such as chicken tenders, sandwiches, seafood, Popeyes sides like biscuits, red beans and rice, and desserts. They are also renowned for their buttermilk biscuits, which are a staple and complement to many of their dishes.

With numerous locations across the United States and around the world, the restaurant chain has achieved global expansion. In addition to their classic menu items, Popeyes occasionally introduces limited-time offerings and special promotions, further enhancing their appeal to customers.

Popeyes’ distinct flavors and Southern-inspired cuisine have contributed to its popularity and unique position within the fast-food industry.

Popeyes Breakfast Near Me

To locate Popeyes breakfast locations near you, these steps can be followed:

  • Use Search Engines: Open a web browser and use a search engine like Google. Type in “Popeyes near me” or “Popeyes breakfast near me” A list of nearby Popeyes outlets that serve breakfast will be provided by the search engine.
  • Official Website: Visit the official Popeyes website. They often have a “Locations” or “Find a Restaurant” section. Put your location or grant the website permission to access your location, and it will present you with a list of nearby Popeyes breakfast hours locations.
  • Food Delivery Apps: Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub can be utilized. These apps typically show restaurants that are currently open and delivering. Look for Popeyes locations on these apps and check their menu to see if they offer breakfast.
  • Maps and Navigation Apps: Open a maps or navigation app on your smartphone, like Google Maps or Apple Maps. Type in “Popeyes” and make sure your location is enabled. It will display the nearest Popeyes locations, and you can call them or check their website to see if they serve breakfast.

Why Do People Like Popeyes Breakfast Menu?

People are drawn to Popeyes breakfast menu for several compelling reasons:

  • Flavorful Varieties: Popeyes is renowned for its distinct and flavorful approach to cooking, which extends seamlessly to their breakfast offerings. The menu boasts a tantalizing blend of spices and ingredients, ensuring a satisfying and delightful meal.
  • Southern Comfort: Southern-inspired dishes that evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity are featured on the breakfast menu. From buttermilk biscuits to signature fried chicken, Popeyes’ breakfast encapsulates the rich and hearty flavors of the South.
  • Unique Offerings: Popeyes stands out with its unique breakfast creations that you may not find at other fast-food chains. Items like chicken biscuits, loaded wraps, and other inventive dishes provide a refreshing twist on traditional breakfast options.
  • Limited-Time Specials: Popeyes often introduces limited-time specials, enticing customers with new and exclusive breakfast items. By maintaining this approach, the menu remains captivating and inspires individuals to venture into new and diverse flavors.
  • Quality Ingredients: People appreciate the quality of ingredients used in Popeyes’ breakfast offerings. Fresh ingredients, coupled with their distinct cooking techniques, contribute to the mouthwatering taste.
  • Hearty Portions: Popeyes is known for its generous portions, ensuring that customers feel satisfied and full after their meal. This is especially appealing for those seeking a hearty and filling breakfast.
  • Weekend Availability: With breakfast served on weekends as well, Popeyes provides a convenient option for those who want to enjoy a restaurant-quality breakfast without the hassle of cooking.
  • Balance of Sweet and Savory: The menu strikes a balance between sweet and savory options, catering to a wide range of taste preferences. Whether someone craves a classic chicken biscuit or a sweeter treat like beignets, Popeyes has something to offer.

In essence, Popeyes breakfast menu resonates with people due to its bold flavors, unique offerings, and a combination of Southern comfort and innovative creations. For more exclusive drinks and food, check out Comfort Inn Suites Breakfast.


Popeyes Breakfast hours offer a savory journey that awakens the taste buds. With a delectable range of options served from early morning until late morning, Popeyes caters to both the early risers and those seeking a leisurely start to their day. From their signature Bonafide Chicken to mouthwatering biscuits, the breakfast menu presents a tantalizing selection. 

It’s a limited-time window that invites patrons to savor a fusion of flavors, and as the clock ticks, the transition to their renowned lunch menu begins. So whether you’re seeking a quick bite or a hearty meal, Popeyes Breakfast hours provide an enticing way to embrace the flavors of the morning.


Q. Does Popeyes have breakfast hours?

Indeed, Popeyes extends its breakfast offerings not only on weekdays but also throughout the weekends, starting from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Within this time frame, a delightful array of both sweet and savory options await, promising to cater to a diverse range of taste preferences and cravings.

Q. When are Popeyes lunch hours?

Popeyes lunch hours commence promptly after 10:30 AM daily, though slight variations might occur due to location-specific time adjustments. Notably, the breakfast options continue to grace the lunch menu, inviting you to relish offerings such as sandwiches, tenders, sides, and more during this midday feast.

Q. Are there any healthy options available at Popeyes Breakfast menu?

While most items on Popeyes breakfast menu boast substantial calories, there remains room to relish health-conscious choices such as green beans and chicken biscuits.

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