Rosa's breakfast hours 2023

Rosa’s Breakfast Hours, Full Menu with Prices Guide

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Rosa’s Cafe, a famous Mexican-style restaurant,owned by The Bobby Cox companies, is a favorite destination for food enthusiasts.

Rosa’s Breakfast Hours menu showcases a range of delectable dishes that might include some exciting items in 2023.

From mouthwatering omelets and fluffy waffles to refreshing fruit cups, they offer something interesting to satisfy every hunger.

Rosa’s Cafe breakfast hours may vary depending on the location. Some outlets open early in the morning, while others start serving a bit later, until 1 PM.

With 42 locations in Texas, additional ones in New Mexico, Temecula and Hobbs, it attracted many Rosas food enthusiasts.

If you are fan of Tacos and Tamales. Their “Tuesday Were Made for Tacos” offer is for you. 

You may try many other breakfast items, the Bacon and Egg Taco, Huevos Rancheros Plate offers more delectable taste, you should not miss it out.

So if you want to fully enjoy the Breakfast offering at Rosa’s, it is crucial to be aware of the specific Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Hours in a nearby restaurant. In this article, we will discuss its breakfast hours, rosa’s cafe breakfast menu, and locations.

Rosa’s Breakfast Hours

At Rosa’s Cafe, breakfast is usually served from 6:30 AM until 10:30 AM every day of the week, Monday through Sunday. Nevertheless, for the most up-to-date and accurate breakfast hours, it’s advisable to refer to their official website. Some locations may open their doors a bit earlier, while others may start serving breakfast slightly later. By visiting their website, you can ensure that you won’t miss out on their delicious breakfast options at your preferred time.

DaysStaring Time of Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast HoursEnding Time of Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Hours
Monday06:30 am10:30 am
Tuesday06:30 am10:30 am
Wednesday06:30 am10:30 am
Thursday06:30 am10:30 am
Friday06:30 am10:30 am
Saturday06:30 am10:30 am
Sunday06:30 am10:30 am

What Time Does Rosa’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Rosa’s breakfast hours begin at 6:30 AM, offering a delightful start to your early morning. If you happen to be an early riser, you can indulge in Rosa’s delectable menu from the break of dawn itself.

What Time Does Rosa’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Rosa’s Breakfast hours last until 10:30 AM. After that, they switch to serving lunch items, but you still have the opportunity to order breakfast items after 10:30 AM.

During the breakfast hours, you can enjoy all the delicious items from Rosa’s breakfast menu, such as Rosa’s breakfast Tacos, breakfast bowl, and breakfast burritos.

You don’t have to worry if you wake up late! You can still get Rosa’s Cafe breakfast items at their outlets.

Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Menu

Rosa’s Cafe is the perfect place to start your day on the right foot. They offer a wide range of breakfast options, including Migas bowl, eggs & potato bowl, Tacos, and Rosa’s cafe tamales, all served with fresh juices and coffee.

Renowned for its delectable breakfast offerings and top-notch service, this cafe has gained quite a reputation. Whatever you decide to order, rest assured that it’s expertly prepared by skilled cooks to satisfy your hunger. Here’s the complete list of Rosa’s breakfast menu for you to explore and enjoy. For more exclusive drinks and food, check out Home2 Suites Restaurants.

Rosa's cafe breakfast menu 2023

Rosa’s Breakfast Tacos

Rosa’s Breakfast Tacos are a popular breakfast item offered at Rosa’s breakfast times. They are soft tacos filled with a variety of delicious breakfast ingredients. Commonly, the filling incorporates elements like scrambled eggs, cheese, and the protein of your preference—bacon, sausage, or chorizo. Potatoes or other vegetables may also be included in the rosas tacos menu.

These breakfast tacos are known for their flavorful combination of ingredients and are a favorite among customers looking for a convenient and tasty morning meal. To enhance flavor and give the tacos an extra kick, they are frequently accompanied by salsa or other condiments served on the side. Rosa’s Breakfast Tacos have become a signature dish at Rosa’s Cafe and are loved by many for their hearty and satisfying taste.

Breakfast Tacos and Plate ItemsPrices
Chile verde plate$6.99
Tamales Chicken or pork (Qty 3)$6.49
Breakfast taco platter (12 breakfast tacos – any style) salsa & pico de gallo$28.99
Tamales Chicken or pork (Qty 1)$2.99
Ultimate breakfast taco egg, bacon, potato, pico de gallo, jalapeños, onion, & queso$3.09
Chile verde taco$3.09
Chorizo & egg taco$2.89
Ham & egg taco$2.89
Bacon & egg taco$2.89
Sausage & egg taco$2.89
Potato & egg taco$2.89
Migas taco$2.89
Chorizo & bean taco$1.89
Migas plate$4.79
Egg & potato plate$4.79
Huevos rancheros$4.79
Plate Ultimate plate$4.79
Chorizo & egg plate$4.79
Sausage & egg plate$4.79
Bacon & egg plate$4.79
Ham & egg plate$4.79

Rosas Breakfast Bowl

Rosa’s Breakfast Bowl is a popular breakfast choice at Rosa’s Cafe. It’s a hearty and flavorful dish that comes in a bowl format, usually with a mix of breakfast ingredients. The specific components can vary, but a typical Rosa’s Breakfast Bowl might include eggs, bacon, chorizo, potatoes, and more.

Huevos rancheros bowl$4.19
Bacon & egg bowl$4.19
Ultimate bowl$4.19
Migas bowl$4.19
Chile verde bowl$5.49
Sausage & egg bowl$4.19
Egg & potato bowl$4.19
Chorizo & egg bowl$4.19
Ham & egg bowl$4.19

Rosa’s Cafe Drinks

Rosa’s breakfast hours drink menu offers orange juice, regular or chocolate milk, and coffee among its drink options. You can find these beverages on their drinks menu. If you’re looking for other drink choices, you may want to check with the cafe directly or refer to their rosas cafe breakfast menu for a full list of available options.

Orange juice$2.59
Milk Regular or chocolate$2.59

Does Rosas Serve Breakfast All Day?

Rosa’s Cafe doesn’t offer a breakfast buffet all day. Instead, you can enjoy their breakfast menu during specific hours from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Breakfast items cannot be ordered after this time. In order to enjoy the delicious breakfast options they offer, it’s best to visit before 10:30 AM.

Rosas Breakfast Plates

Rosa’s breakfast plates refer to the breakfast options or dishes available at Rosa’s restaurant or eatery. These breakfast plates can include various items such as eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos, or other morning-oriented meals served at Rosa’s establishment. The specific offerings may differ depending on the menu and selections provided by Rosa’s restaurant.

Rosa’s Taco Platter

A Rosa’s taco platter typically consists of multiple tacos served together on a plate. The specific contents of the platter may vary but often include a selection of tacos such as beef, chicken, pork, or other varieties, accompanied by toppings like lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and salsa. The platter might also include sides such as rice, beans, or chips and salsa, depending on the menu offered at Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory.

Rosa’s Cafe Hours of the Operations

Rosa’s Cafe begins serving from 6:30 AM in the early morning and closes at 10:00 PM. Although these times are generally followed, there could be slight variations at different locations. Some places close their doors at 9:30 PM.

Is Rosa’s Cafe Open on Holidays?

Rosa’s Cafe will remain open on most of the holidays including:

New Year’s DayJanuary 1
Martin Luther King Jr. DayJanuary 16
Presidents DayFebruary 20
Good FridayApril 7
EasterApril 9
St. Patrick’s DayMarch 17
Mother’s DayMay 14
Father’s DayJune 18
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DaySeptember 4
Columbus DayOctober 9
Veterans DayNovember 11
Thanksgiving DayNovember 23
Black FridayNovember 24
Christmas EveDecember 24
Christmas DayDecember 25
New Year’s EveDecember 31

Rosa’s Cafe Near Me

To find Rosa’s Cafe breakfast time near you, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch a web browser on either your computer or smartphone.
  • Enter “Rosa’s Cafe near me” into the search bar.
  • Press Enter or tap on the search icon.
  • Based on your current location, the search results will show you the closest Rosa’s Cafe location.
  • A map of the locations can also be viewed by clicking on the “Maps” tab.
  • Choose the nearest Rosa’s Cafe from the list or map, and you can get directions to the cafe.
  • You can also call the cafe directly to confirm their address, operating hours, and any other information you may need.

By adhering to these instructions, you can effortlessly locate the nearest Rosa’s Cafe and savor their delightful offerings!

Rosa’s Cafe Locations Address with Contact Information

Here is the complete list of locations with address and contact information.

1- Rosa’s Cafe Lubbock

Address: 5020 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock, TX 79407, United States

Phone: +1 806-792-0015

2- Rosa’s Cafe Amarillo

Address: 3820 I-40, Amarillo, TX 79102, United States

Phone: +1 806-352-8227

3- Rosa’s Cafe Austin

Address: 509 W Slaughter Ln, Austin, TX 78748, United States

Phone: +1 512-292-1195

4- Rosa’s Cafe Allen Tx

Address: 865 W Stacy Rd, Allen, TX 75013, United States

Phone: +1 972-737-2325

5- Rosa’s Cafe Burleson

Address: 1460 SW Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028, United States

Phone: +1 817-426-5488

6- Rosa’s Cafe Coppell

Address: 705 N Denton Tap Rd, Coppell, TX 75019, United States

Phone: +1 972-459-7886

7- Rosa’s Cafe Dallas

Address: 420 Coit Rd, Plano, TX 75075, United States

Phone: +1 469-543-0380

8- Rosa’s Cafe Euless

Address: 2711 State Hwy 121, Euless, TX 76039, United States

Phone: +1 817-283-4600

What are the steps that can be followed for Rosa’s Cafe Order Online?

To place an online order at Rosa’s breakfast menu, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit Rosa’s Cafe website or download their mobile app from the app store.
  • Get started by creating an account or logging in if you already have one.
  • Pick your desired location from the array of options at your disposal.
  • Explore the rosa’s cafe breakfast menu and incorporate the items you desire into your shopping cart.
  • Tailor your order by indicating any preferences or providing special instructions.
  • Take a moment to review your cart and ensure the accuracy of your order.
  • Move forward to the checkout stage and opt for your preferred method of payment.
  • Provide the necessary delivery or pickup details, including your address if applicable.
  • Review your order one final time and confirm the payment.
  • You will receive an order confirmation, and if you selected delivery, you may receive updates on the status of your order.

By following these steps, you can easily and conveniently place an online order at Rosa’s Cafe and enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.


Rosa’s breakfast hours offer a delicious variety of breakfast tacos and tamales for everyone. Whether you like classics like Chorizo & Egg Taco, flavorful Chile Verde Taco, or indulgent Ultimate Breakfast Taco, Rosa’s Cafe menu has tasty options to start your day. The cafe has a friendly atmosphere and fast service, ensuring a satisfying breakfast experience. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer a relaxed morning, don’t miss the chance to enjoy their scrumptious breakfast offerings during their specified hours.


Q. Is Rosa’s Cafe Open on Christmas Day?

Rosa’s Cafe is open on Christmas day at most of its locations. For further confirmation, you can visit their official website to find more up-to-date information.

Q. What are the breakfast hours at Rosa’s Cafe on Sundays?

Rosa’s Cafe serves breakfast every Sunday from its regular breakfast hours and concludes breakfast service at 10:30 a.m., after which they start serving lunch.

Q. What Time Does Rosa’s Cafe Open?

Rosa’s breakfast hours menu starts at 6:30 AM every day, catering to early birds who rise early in the morning.

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